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How Does Mobile Identity Improve Your User's Login Experience?

Recalling and manually typing your credentials can be frustrating, and the recent data breaches offer no security. However, they often use common passwords or use the same credentials for multiple accounts, making their personal and financial information vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Entering passwords regularly to access apps for day-to-day work also drains productivity.

Hackers can also intercept OTPs, crack 55-character-length passwords with softwares, bypass reCAPTCHA/Captcha, etc., making apps more vulnerable to cybercrimes. Brands often fail to verify if the person logging into the app is the real account holder or a bot/malware that can cause catastrophic damage.

Digital account holders often use apps to save their identity/financial documents and organizational contracts while communicating through chats, making security impertinent. While safety and security remain the primary objectives for the identities of apps, user experience is equally important. OTP delays impacts user experience adversely and often leads to user drop-offs or brand disengagements. mFilterIt's Mobile Identity Solution enhances the app's UX and security during sign-up, login, purchases, and exits.

mFilterIt's Mobile Identity Enhances User Login Experience

According to a report, 49% of the population uses mobile devices for internet services. Delivering exceptional UX while offering full-scale security during login has become crucial for brands. mFilterIt's Mobile Identity solution provides identity management and mobile authentication to safeguard the customer journey and enhances UX.

The Mobile Identity Solution helps brands to combat ATOs, OTP bypass, financial fraud, identity theft, and other cybercrimes by verifying their identity through a database of three billion device repository. The frictionless authentication of the user identities becomes possible through tokens, which further eliminates the need for passwords or OTPs.

Moreover, the user doesn't have to undergo all the manual steps in existing process flows. Mobile number is discovered directly from the telco network. The risk-based authentication involves scores to avoid malware or bots' access to the app or the real user's account, safeguarding the brand's interest. Simultaneously, the solution uses dynamic images to defeat bots and protect them against any app attacks.

Furthermore, mFilterIt's Mobile Identity Solution delivers frictionless authentication by eliminating the need to manually enter a mobile number and one-time password with a single click login while validating access credentials with the intel of telcos in the background. In short, the solution improves the login experience of the users through the following methods:

One-Click Access: Eliminate the need to manually enter the mobile number and OTPs by direct number discoverability and one-click access post validation from the telco.

No More Delays: The solution offers account access in under ten seconds without the need for OTPs (generally 20-40% of which never arrive before their expiry/refresh duration).

Silent Authentication: mFilterIt's Mobile Identity Solution authorizes access using digital tokens, which is dynamic, making the app less vulnerable to ATO attacks. The device signature is also established using Non-PII parameters.


mFilterIt's Mobile Identity Solution enhances the customer experience by offering dynamic verification during recurring sessions, auto-discovering the mobile number, validating access with tight binding, and giving one-click access.

Our new technology uses token technology before and after the app login, offering a better customer experience at multiple levels. Moreover, the solution eliminates the need for OTPs or manually entering a phone number during login, enhancing user-friendliness and diminishing user drop-offs & brand disengagements.

Schedule a demo with us to learn more about the advantages of mFilterIt's Mobile Identity Solution.

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