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How is Mobile Identity Diminishing Account Takeover Attacks?

Digital identities are created across apps and websites of financial, banking, health, and other sectors. Businesses flourish in the digital ecosystem using online accounts. However, one of the biggest challenges is protecting them, especially with vulnerabilities in nearly every mechanism, leaving out a few exceptions.

Cybercriminals use the information readily available on the dark web to hack into accounts. According to our research, digital identities are available for as low as $25, making people more worried about their accounts. The probability of people using similar passwords across multiple accounts, including Single Sign-On or using similar answers to secret questions, when their information is already leaked makes SSO and 2FA/MFA as vulnerable as passwords.

Moreover, identity theft could happen from locations far away from the user's base and is triggered using VPNs, which bounce off IPs and make detection nearly impossible. Account Takeover (ATO) attacks happen constantly. The increasing number of similar or interlinked accounts of the same user makes safeguarding digital identities or verifying that a genuine user's profile is being accessed even more crucial.

SMS-based authentication is no longer the solution for verifying digital identities, as cybercriminals have found methods to intercept/bypass OTPs through malware/phishing apps. Most users do not know the existing malware in their devices. Using multiple devices without safeguards makes the accounts vulnerable to malwares/phishing attacks, wherein the bot enters OTPs and steals personal & financial information. The cybercriminal could also bar the real account holder and deny access to associate accounts.

Businesses spend a large chunk of their budget on protecting the digital identities of their stakeholders. Still, they have minimal/negligible control over their social activities, personal email link clicks, app downloads, etc. Protecting business information from cybercriminals while offering a smooth customer experience is necessary for multiple reasons, including productivity, scalability, and enrichment.

Mobile Identity is the Solution Against Account Takeover (ATO) Attacks

In 2021, 55% of merchants across the globe experienced ATOs, which is a significant jump of 37% from the previous year. So, the threat of ATOs is real and needs a solution to deal with the sophisticated and undetected methods used by cybercriminals to fight back against them. mFilterIt's Mobile Identity solution offers a mechanism to protect the digital identities of the users while offering a great UX.

The solution identifies the digital identity of the user with verification directly from the operator database. It uses risk assessment methods with one-touch authentication from the network operator in less than eight seconds and eliminates the loss of digital identities by removing hackable OTPs. Moreover, if the device doesn't match the criteria or data of the relevant user, it triggers authentication methods and informs the brands about the same in real-time.

The one-touch authentication with user number detection directly from the telco in less than eight seconds makes mFilterIt's Mobile Identity a suitable security mechanism that offers a great customer experience. Moreover, the solution doesn't need passwords to log in to the account, making it immune to ATOs. It also uses silent digital token authentication in the background using mFilterIt's server.

Financial frauds are also substantially reduced through the Mobile Identity solution. It requires human verification, eliminating the common 'human-like' bots from the subscription models by taking consent from the user at every step of the transaction. At times, the user never acquires the OTPs, or the OTPs are delayed, directly impacting the subscriptions. Mobile Identity uses a seamless authentication method using digital tokens and human behavior while removing the need for OTPs during transactions.


Safeguarding digital identities, preventing financial fraud, and fighting back against bot attacks are priorities for businesses, as it causes serious repercussions. Brands need Mobile Identity to verify if the real account holder is accessing and using the resources. Verifying user information through the device and human touch is the only method for fighting against ATOs on multiple accounts and data theft.

mFilterIt's Mobile Identity solution also ensures that the transactions happen by the user and not by bots, which is a massive problem in subscription-based apps. The victims of bots on such apps could be the mobile network operator, merchant, advertiser, etc., and ultimately the consumer creating serious repercussions for the brand.

Connect with us to learn the advantages of incorporating mFilterIt's Mobile Identity solution into your business.

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