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Stay ahead in a fast-paced digital ecosystem transform experiences, enhance brand performance, and enable data-driven decisions with advanced AI-powered tech, analytics, and insights.

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Build Trust and Transparency in the Digital Ecosystem

Verify, optimize, and protect your marketing effort and brand performance in the digital landscape. Our Innovative cutting-edge advertising, marketing, intelligence and brand protection enables you to combat the challenges of digital world with the new-age tech and innovation.

Monitor and validate your advertising campaign performance, identify safe ad placements, enable contextual ad relevancy and compliance, protect the brand across the digital channels, boost the efficiency of your affiliate and influencer monitoring capability, and scale up your brand presence on the digital shelf with competitive intelligence. mFilterIt adds trust and transparency to digital!

V.O.P. Framework

Levelling up marketing 4.0 with safetytransparency and insights


Ensuring accurate and quality data

We validate your data and traffic from marketing sources to take swift action against invalid ad traffic, drive actionable insights and ensure it is reliable and authentic to reduce the risk of errors and ensure effective decision-making with true data.


Enhance performance and efficiency

We empower you with actionable data to refine your strategies and achieve the best possible results with actionable insights leveraging the transparent data acquired to optimize marketing efforts efficiently, maximising returns and staying ahead of the competition.


Safeguard Your Brand Integrity

We protect your brand reputation by monitoring the unauthorized use of brand assets and evolved digital risks like transaction laundering and affiliate monitoring by implementing proactive security measures to reduce its impact and maintain brand integrity.

Innovative Solution To Drive Your Digital Growth

Valid8 | Ad Traffic Validation

Who is seeing your ads – Bots or Humans?

Ad traffic validation, and fraud prevention across the funnel. Protecting your advertising campaigns from Invalid Traffic or Bots on the web and app, OTTs, and CTVs. It prevents wastage of ad spend and also covers lead quality validation and DCB VAS anti-fraud.

PACE | Brand Safety

Are you checking your ad placements?

Monitor your digital ads and ensure they appear beside safe and contextually relevant content, complying with the GARM guidelines. Take proactive action against ads placed beside unsafe content and protect your brand from being associated with objectionable content.

EffCent | Affiliate and Influencer Monitoring

Are you monitoring your marketing campaigns?

Authenticate before collaborating with affiliates and influencers. Keep a close eye on their campaign performance. Check for Bots audience vs genuine followers or viewers. Also, ensure they comply with ASCI guidelines and increase ad campaign efficiency.

mScanIt | Digital Commerce Intelligence

Are you tracking brand performance vs competition?

Stay ahead of the curve with digital commerce intelligence. Leverage the power of advanced competitive analytics and actionable insights to maximize your brand performance on the digital shelf. Strategically optimize your customer’s journey at every touchpoint.

Sentinel+ | Brand Protection Suite

Want to ensure your brand’s digital assets are protected?

Protect your brand from ever-evolving threats in the digital ecosystem. Prevent brand infringement and transaction laundering. Empower your security strategy with OSINT risk monitoring and identity validation. Enable proactive security measures to safeguard your brand asset.

TickR | Creative & Content Compliance

Is your content adhering to brand and local protocols?

Maintain your brand integrity across platforms with AI-powered compliance solutions. Stay on top of the brand and local guidelines and ensure consistency of messaging across channels. Maximizing efficiency and reducing manual errors required for monitoring compliance.

What Our Clients Say

Making Digital Secure & Sustainable

Build seamless, secure and sustainable digital ecosystem with transparency in measurement, data-driven decision making and optimizing brand efficiencies.

We are your partner of trust

Invest in digital without fear with a trusted verification, measurement, and protection partner who can help you at every step of your digital journey.

We talk numbers, not words

Take the power in your hand with clean, detailed data that can help you make business decisions with 10x confidence.

We innovate to solve complex problems

Push your boundaries of growth with an innovative and dynamic stack of solutions to address your complex problems and achieve maximum efficiency.

We are your mirror of clarity

Market your brand digitally fearlessly with crystal-clear transparency, build trusted relationships with partners and make business decisions efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Question's

Answering the Most Frequent Queries

What is mFilterlt?

mFilterlt is an ad-tech and mar-tech solution provider that is on a mission to solve complex roadblocks in a digital journey with the help of advanced technologies and capabilities of Al & ML.

How can mFilterit help businesses?

mFilterlt is a tech-driven company which helps digital brands at every stage of their growth journey in the digital ecosystem. We help brands like you to validate your ad traffic, optimize your marketing efforts across platforms with a data-driven approach and ensure a safe digital environment.

Are mFilterit solutions compatible with different platforms?

Yes, mFilterlt solutions are easy-to-integrate with major platforms for a seamless user experience.

What are the core values of mFilterlt?

mFilterlt's core values are innovation, impact and integrity which drive the mission to make the digital ecosystem safe and efficient.

How can I get started with mFilterlt?

It's fuss-free. We have a plug-and-play model which takes no time to start. Connect with us at to get started.

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