Risk Monitoring Across Digital Ecosystem

The risk monitoring suite, sentinel+ provides cutting-edge digital brand protection solutions to detect brand infringement instances, phishing scams and transaction-related fraud for holistic brand protection against ever-evolving digital threats with ai ml driven tech and open-source intelligence (osint).

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Innovative Solutions for Evolved Digital Threats


Protect your brand's integrity and reputation across the digital ecosystem from ever-evolving digital threats and phishing scams leveraging the capability of open-source intelligence. Scan across the digital landscape in real-time and takedown proactively to reduce the risk of brand abuse.

Transaction Laundering

Identify the fraudulent merchants transacting in illegal and unauthorized goods leveraging the payment gateway system to reduce the risk of financial fraud and avert loss of revenue. With advanced monitoring, stay protected from fraudulent merchants and maintain transparency and security.


Empower your security strategy with an innovative identity validation tool. Harness OSINT (open-source intelligence), for dynamic risk monitoring and precise user profiling. Safeguard your digital presence against sophisticated threats with our comprehensive data enrichment, including honeypot and dark web scans.

Harnessing The Power of Open-Source Intelligence

Full-Funnel Protection

Stay Ahead of Every Threat with Full-Funnel Protection

Sentinel+ is committed to providing holistic protection across the digital ecosystem. Leveraging the capabilities of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to scan through the vast range of online data across websites, social media platforms, marketplaces and more. This technology empowers brands to keep a tab on the instances of brand infringement in every part of the internet.

Full-Funnel Protection
brand integrity

Comprehensive Detection to Stay Ahead of Threats

We employ a multi-faceted approach, utilizing advanced digital brand protection solutions, to identify and take proactive action against infringement threats.  Our cutting-edge technology is capable of identifying unauthorized use of brand logos, trademarks and copyrighted content. It also successfully detects advanced threats like misleading brand associations, and counterfeitingproviding a holistic view of the potential threats.

Effective Content Validations

Proactive Resolution with Real-Time Monitoring

The impersonators don’t wait; they make their next move before you can take action. To combat the ever-evolving threats, our solution provides real-time customizable alerts of potential infringement instances and unauthorized use of brands. Our proactive approach ensures that you can take swift action against unscrupulous activities before any damage occurs. 

Effective Content Validations
Automated Takedown Process

Seamless & Automated Takedown Process

Once the infringement instance is detected, Sentinel+ initiates an effortless and swift takedown procedure. Our automated takedown process ensures that your journey from detecting to eliminating infringement instances is smooth and hurdle-free, saving you valuable moneytime and reputation.

V.O.P. Framework

Levelling up marketing 4.0 with safetytransparency and insights


Monitor various online channels across digital ecosystem including the web, social media, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces to identify instances of brand infringement, transaction laundering, and proactively to take appropriate action.


Powered with open-source intelligence (OSINT) to identify potential brand violations. Bring transparency into the patterns and identity anomalies, unveil digital scams across platforms and help to curb their impact beforehand.


Identify potential infringement or digital threats to reduce the risks of brand reputation damage and legal consequences. With real-time monitoring, and automated processes of detecting and mitigating the impact of brand infringement and brand reputation management.

Guarding Your Brand’s Integrity Beyond Boundaries





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