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V.O.P. Framework

Levelling up marketing 4.0 with safetytransparency and insights



We ensure consistency in a brand’s creative and content across digital in alignment with regulatory, industry and internal compliance standards. Providing a comprehensive review to identify potential violations of advertising guidelines. By identifying the compliance issues, we maintain brand integrity across digital and reduce potential brand risks.



We help brands optimize their creative and content to drive performance and enhance its impact and reach. Leveraging the clear insights, the brands can A/B test and reiterate the strategies to improve engagement, click-through rates and conversions. The intent is to maintain brand consistency across platforms and convey a synchronized message to achieve the intended goal.



We safeguard the brands from the potential threats and risks of advertising with non-compliant creative or content. This includes protection against plagiarism, and misleading messaging that leads to brand reputation damage. We avoid such instances with our AI-ML-based solution and prevent unauthorized use and distribution.

Your Creative Assets, Our Compliance

Tickr maximizes the potential of your creatives and content by making it brand and regulatory-compliant, resonating and consistent across platforms.

Error-Free Resolution with Automated Compliance Process

Our platform reduces the risk of compliance violations due to manual efforts and makes the compliance process efficient with an automated process of checking creative and content adhering to country-wise advertising guidelines, brand guidelines and platform guidelines.

creative compliance software solution

Maintain Brand Standards with Brand Guideline Enforcement

Tickr ensures that your brand’s creatives and content are aligned with your brand guidelinesfrom logo placementand tone of voice to brand elements, guaranteeing consistency across all channels.

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Maximize your Performance with Quality Creative

Our solution ensures only the highest quality of your creatives and content should go outside to represent your brand by validating the creative assets across various parameters and rectifying them proactively.

creative compliance solution
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Avoid Grammatical Errors with Accurate Grammar Checks

Tickr analyses the content of the ad creatives to detect grammatical errors that can be missed by human eyes and elevates the quality of the ad creatives with minimum to no errors.

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Ensure Brand Consistency Across Platforms