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V.O.P. Framework

Levelling up marketing 4.0 with safetytransparency and insights



Monitor Your Brand Performance v/s Competition

Keep track of your brand performance across platforms in the digital commerce ecosystem by analysing keyword shareavailability, and customer feedback.



Enhance Brand Efficiency

Identify new opportunity with granular level insights & in-depth analysis across eCommerce, Quick commerce and QSR platforms versus competitors and optimize your media spend on sponsored listings.



Protect Your Brands Reputation

Identifying MAP violations and unauthorized sellers. Boost your brand reputation with actionable insights on Seller analysis.

Level-up Your eCommerce

Strategies with mScanIt

Gain a Strategic Edge with Competitive Intelligence

Elevate your brand above the competition in the ever-evolving digital commerce ecosystem. Analyse product performance and trends across platforms and geographies. Empower cross-departmental decision-making with actionable insights for key stakeholders such as account managersmarketing teamsonline reputation managers, and eCom sellers. 

ecomm competitive intelligence
ecommerce intelligence

Data Simplified with Global Interactive Dashboard

Experience data in a new light with our interactive Global Dashboard. Monitor crucial KPIs like availabilitykeyword sharePDP content, and ratings & reviews. Gain platform-level intelligence across categories and product variants. Harness the power of AI to answer your questions with graphical insights.

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Data-Driven Business Decisions

The tool enables you to create strategies based on data-driven insights. In the dynamic world of eCommerce, having access to relevant data can help you make more informed decisions that give you an edge in the market.

ecomm rating reviews
quick commerce

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

mScanIt effortlessly consolidates complex data from various sources. Transform intricate information into easy-to-understand analysis and insights. Make informed data-driven business decisions without drowning in the details. Streamline your efforts across departments and optimize product performance on eCommerce and quick commerce platforms.

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Generative AI with graphical representations

Empower data-driven decision-making like never before. Interact with our Generative AI to get your queries answered using data from the integrated global dashboard with engaging graphical representations of data & insights. The ‘Ask Your Question’  feature is added to every tool on the mScanIt dashboard.

ecomm solution
qsr intelligence

QSR Intelligence

Our capabilities extend beyond the eCommerce platform. We also track performance across Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) platforms. The mScanIt QSR analytics help fine-tune menus, optimize serviceability, and enhance product performance. Equip your QSR business with the data & actionable insights needed to thrive. Monitor listings & rank at different times of the day for Banners, PromotionsDelivery time, and dish Audit with Compliance checks.

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Real-time Alerts & Reports

React swiftly to market changes with real-time alerts. Keep your finger on the pulse of eCommerce with up-to-the-minute reports. Access the global dashboard conveniently with our user-friendly app. Stay connected on-the-go, accessing reportsmonitoring trends, and receiving timely alerts.

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Craft Unmatched Brand Experience

Wield the tools to sculpt, refine, and elevate every phase of your customer’s journey

Phase-1 : Awareness

Boost Your Brands Share of Search & Visibility

Optimize brand discoverability share and visibility with advance keyword analysis across eCommerce platform on product detail page content, eCommerce, banners and organic & sponsored search rankings.

Content Analyser

Analyse content on the product display page vis-à-vis competition with a content score.

Discoverability Analysis

Monitor and Analyse Digital Share of Shelf vs Competition along with extensive keyword recommendation

New Competitor Analysis

Keep track of new competitors popping up in the Brand segment and monitor performance across the geographies, and platforms.

Content Recommendation Tool

Refine the Product display page with Auto-generated content recommendations for the title & product description.

Banner Analysis

Keep an eye on Banner Visibility for sponsored products of own vis-à-vis competition brands.

Phase-2: Consideration & Evaluation

Be the top pick of the shoppers with competitor insights across platforms

Get a competitive edge across the digital commerce ecosystem with sharp real-time insights on key KPIs. Set the right price & discount to attract customers, ensure product availability across platforms and geographies, and find the best sellers among own vis-à-vis competition.

Pricing Analysis

Competitive Analysis of Pricing and Discounts across eCommerce Platforms and identify pricing & discount violations by authorized and unauthorized sellers

Delivery TAT

Display of platform-specific badges as well as the delivery time displayed in the PDP pages of own and competitors’ products.

SKU Health Analysis

Monitor the actual health of brand SKUs vis-à-vis competition on multiple KPIs.

Availability Analysis

Track In-Stock and out-of-stock products vs the competitors. Track sellers buy box wins. Also, Identify the least and most productive sellers across platforms.

Best-Seller Analysis

Track your best seller products across the digital ecosystem with brand share on a monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly basis.

Seller Analysis

Audit, monitor and analyse your seller performance across platforms.

Phase-3: Purchase

Boost Your Conversion Rate

Monitor product purchase cycle and market trends across pin-codes and platforms at brand & category level, pinpoint areas to optimize and boost the bestselling products & brands hero products.


Report card mapping own and competitor brand’s performance across all the major eCommerce KPIs.

Sales Reconciliation Analysis

Reconcile multiple reports to understand the complete product journey and find the gap in the process from the product order to its delivery time and returns.

Sales Analysis Tool

A comprehensive sales tracking and analysis to identify what, why, when, and where product sales are taking place, and how to improve it.

Build Intelligence Across
Food Delivery Aggregator Platforms

The QSR Analytics check Is your food offerings & ads visibility at par with competition? What are your customers saying in rating & reviews section? Is your competitor delivering faster with respect to time & quality? Is your competition winning the war on pricing, discount & promotions

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QSR Analytics

  • Monitor listings & rank at different times of the day
  • Analyse Banner & Promotions
  • Track Delivery time & serviceability across platforms
  • Dish Audit with Compliance check
  • Identify Price Violations
  • Comprehensive Sentiment Analysis

eCommerce Retail Media Optimization

Advance Automated Solution to raise your advertising potential with crystal clear data that build better understanding and drive overall sales. Enable You to take business decisions based on actionable insights with the help of flexible and customized reports. Navigate through eCommerce platform Advertising complexities to save hours of manual work.  

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Automated Retailer Media Optimization Tool

business intelligence

mScanIt Advantage

Features that make us cut above the rest

Actionable Insights for Overall Business Decisions

Analytics Aimed at Driving Sales

Measurements for Building Media Plans

Robust Analytics Dashboard

Language Adaptive

Location- Wise Metrics

Optimization of Every Stage of the eCom Journey

Measurements for Developing Non-Media

Real-time Alerts – SMS/WhatsApp/Email

Open Source Intelligence – Web & App Business Directory