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brand safety

V.O.P. Framework

Levelling up marketing 4.0 with safetytransparency and insights



We leverage our advanced AI-ML-based technology and algorithms, verify the content and context of the media placements and avoid placement beside controversial and harmful topics. This includes scanning across the websites and major video streaming platforms, to assess whether the ads are placed beside safe and relevant content and aligned with the brand’s values and guidelines.



We enable the optimization of digital ads with data-driven insights and machine learning to make real-time adjustments to media placements and ensure placements beside brand-safe content. We provide clear insights to drive better performance leading to improved viewability, engagement and conversion rates while maintaining the brand’s integrity.



We ensure proactive measures to prevent brand safety risks. With predefined filters and blacklisting ad placements beside unsafe content, we reduce the risk of brand safety and help maintain a positive brand image. Monitoring for emerging risks and threats, we empower brands to take immediate action and protect the brand’s reputation.

Fortifying Brands with
Cutting-Edge Safety Technology

Pace expands the scope of your digital advertisements by placing your ads beside safe and contextually relevant content to increase the chances of being visible to your intended audience

Real-Time Blacklisting of Placements

mF Pace helps to stay above the ever-evolving brand safety threats by tracking and analysing live campaigns in real-time to ensure that your ads are not appearing beside unsafe or irrelevant content.

brand safety
brand protection

Easily Expandable Exclusion List

Our proactive exclusion approach curates an easily expandable exclusion list that helps to eliminate unsafe ad placements to enhance the campaign reach and maintain brand integrity.

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Highly Effective Content Validations

We run a round-the-clock content validation process for identifying non-compliant content based on contextuality, relevancy and sentiment of the content to synchronize with brand content.  

brand safety tools
brand safety tools

Comprehensive Brand Safety Measurements

Our data-driven approach ensures to provide detailed insights into the ad placements analysis post the completion of the campaigns to enable brands to make future decisions with transparency.

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Detection of Regional Brand Unsafe Content

Our capabilities are beyond the limitations of regional and vernacular content. We use a novel approach to identify unsafe content based on regional context 

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Flagged Content Globally


Content Avoidance / Safety Alert Categories


Languages Supported for Classification
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