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Advanced Level Contextual Targeting with Brand Relevancy

Push the boundaries of contextual brand suitability on platforms like YouTube. Discover content your users actively engage with and analyze videos in real-time for content, context, sentiments, engagement metrics, and organic influence, all for perfect ad alignment. Get a whitelisted videos URL list for safe ad placements.

Enhanced Targeting Capabilities 

Demographical and
Geographical Targeting 


Whitelist Contextually
Relevant Video list

Boost Your Ad
Campaign Efficiency

Our Media Brand Relevancy solution offers comprehensive scanning of digital landscapes, covering objects, faces, logos, audios, actions, on-screen texts, sentiments, and more for safe and contextual ad placements

How Does

Brand Relevancy

help Advertisers?

Seamlessly automate video selections that align with your creatives.

Effortlessly plan targeted YouTube ad placements for maximum reach.

Enhance engagement and ROI by linking creatives to Channel Type.

Tracking the latest trends and strategically placing ads on viral videos.

Elevate Your Strategy with

Precision Content Selection

Ensure that only top-performing, brand-aligned videos are selected for your ad placements.

Targeting Refinement

Fine-tune affinity-based targeting to precisely reach your desired audience, minimizing ad waste.

Enhanced Audience Engagement

Align your ads with relevant and high-performing content to captivate your target audience.

Enhanced user experience

Users experience ads that are relevant to their current state of mind, leading to higher engagement. 

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