Monitor Influencer and Affiliate Marketing campaigns

mFilterIt EffCent, influencer and affiliate monitoring enhance efficiencies and protect marketing budgets with influencer and affiliate authentication, performance monitoring, and ensure adherence to brand safety policies. 

Trusted by the World’s Biggest Digital-Front Brands

Authenticate And Monitor Your Brand Marketing Campaigns

Revolutionizing Affiliate Marketing with Robust Solution

Stay One Step Ahead with Brand Asset Recognition

We provide 360-degree affiliate monitoring & protection across the digital ecosystem with holistic brand asset recognition. Leveraging the power of advanced algorithms for recognizing and monitoring various brand assets, including logos, trademarks, product images, and content across various channels  


Holistic Protection with Multichannel Monitoring

Effcent acts like a watchdog across a wide range of digital channels where affiliates and influencers operate like websites, social media, paid advertising, coupon websites, mobile apps etc. to ensure that your brand assets are safe across every touchpoint.


Protect PPC Ads with Search-Engine Monitoring

Keep an eye on search engine results pages (SERPs) with our advanced keyword bidding solution to identify affiliates and influencers who may be bidding on brand-related keywords in paid search campaigns without permission and stealing your organic traffic.


Take Proactive Action with Actionable Insights

To ensure fast-track resolution and complete transparency of affiliate activities, we provide actionable insights and reports that brands can use to decide on the appropriate action to take against affiliates and influencers violating brand guidelines.


Get a Clear Overview with a User-Friendly Dashboard

Our user-friendly and detailed dashboard provides clear insights into the data monitored, potential threats and alerts to take proactive action against unscrupulous activities conducted by affiliates and influencers.


Maintain Brand Integrity with Compliance Monitoring

Keep an eye on your affiliates and influencers to ensure that they are adhering to the brand policies, terms of use and guidelinesEffcent will safeguard your brand reputation from brand abuse activities by affiliates and influencers.

V.O.P. Framework

Levelling up marketing 4.0 with safetytransparency and insights


Create a seamless and trusted collaborative process with affiliates and influencers by validating the authenticity and compliance with the brand guidelines. This involves verifying whether the affiliates are adhering to necessary criteria, the authenticity of conversions from affiliate-attributed traffic and appropriate usage of brand assets.


Enhance the performance of the affiliate marketing program and flag misuse of brand assets by affiliates and influencers proactively with data-driven decisions. The detailed insights provide transparency across affiliates and influencers and help to identify high-performing partners to maximize ROI and reduce threats.


Monitor the affiliate and influencer activities to proactively mitigate risks associated with affiliates and influencer campaigns. Starting from misuse of brand assets, brand bidding instances, and misrepresentation of messaging and creatives, we monitor every aspect across various platforms to maintain brand integrity and adherence to brand regulations.

Protect All Fronts with Best-In-Class Ad Fraud Solution


Scanning and monitoring across the web, social platforms, apps, and marketplaces.


Proprietary algorithms, expert threat assessment, intelligence ready for action.


Proactive measures, swift takedowns, intuitive web, app and reporting APIs.

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