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mF Valid8

Trusted by the World’s Biggest Digital-Front Brands

V.O.P. Framework

Levelling up marketing 4.0  with safetytransparency and insights


Ensuring accurate and quality data

We validate your data & traffic from marketing sources to take swift action against invalid ad traffic, drive actionable insights and ensure it is reliable and authentic to reduce the risk of errors and ensure effective decision-making with true data.


Enabling granular level efficiency

We empower you with actionable data to refine your strategies and achieve the best possible results with actionable insights leveraging the transparent data acquired to optimize marketing efforts efficiently, maximising returns and staying ahead of the competition.


Safeguarding from evolving digital risk

We protect your brand reputation by monitoring the unauthorized use of brand assets and evolved digital risks like transaction laundering and affiliate monitoring by implementing proactive security measures to reduce its impact and maintain brand integrity.

Pioneering Anti-Fraud Solution
for Ever-Evolving Threats

Stay Ahead of Every Threat with Full-Funnel Protection

Ad fraud is evolving faster and becoming discreet and invisible to the human eye. We conduct deep advanced checks leveraging the power of AI & ML capabilities to identify human-like patterns and block them at their prime at every stage of the sales funnel starting from impressions to events.   

Safeguard Against Sophisticated Fraud Techniques

The fraud techniques are evolving and you need an advanced solution to identify general invalid traffic like click fraud, geo fraud etc. as well as sophisticated fraud patterns like click injection and incent fraud. We go beyond the basic rule-based checks to identify and eliminate advanced fraud patterns

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Invest in Effective Campaigns with Advanced Insights

Invalid traffic does not just lead to ad wastage but disrupts the entire marketing strategy with continuous investment in inefficient ad campaigns. Our detailed dashboard provides log-level data to power your campaigns and reduce the guesswork to ensure you pay for only real outcomes.

Integrate with Major Platforms Seamlessly

Experience an effortless integration process across major platforms like DV360, Google Display Network, Roku, Xandr and many more. Our seamless model enables brands to start their validation process without any fuss or complex processes. We are integrated with both biddable and non-biddable platforms.

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Get Faster Resolution with the Combined Expertise of Machine and Human

Solve your complex problems with the right technology and human inclusion balance and experience a seamless, error-free, swift resolution. Our team of experts provide hand-on-hand support to help you cross the blockages with ease.

Fight Against Sophisticated Fraud with a Multi-Layered Approach

Stay a step ahead of the ever-evolving sophisticated fraud threats with a combination of AI, ML and data science algorithms, behavioural and heuristic analysis and human-involved verification to ensure that you have robust protection against advanced fraud techniques.

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Unique Device Coverage


Ad Transactions Validated Weekly


Average ROAS Improvement


Saved for Clients

Protect All Fronts with Best-In-Class Ad Fraud Solution

Why mFilterIt

mF Valid8 is a full-service ad fraud protection suite that aims to improve ROAS with its integrated infrastructure. Our team of data scientists and technology experts continually innovate technologies and strategies. We protect your digital spends across all media platforms by providing valid traffic analysis & fraud detection solutions for both app and web campaigns. We provide end-to-end operational service support to pave the way to better ROI for our customers.

Intuitive and Powerful

  • Overall Campaign Performance
  • Sources of Fraud
  • Category of frauds & their sub categories
  • Filters basis Publishers, Campaign, Time Period & Fraud Categories
  • Mapping of Sub Fraud Categories
  • Downloadable Reports for Sharing and more