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sources are generated by bots, automated click, or some type of click fraud?

Ad Fraud is estimated to cost advertisers and brands an estimated of $44 billion to fraudulent activities by 2022. Studies also indicate that each year $1.5 billion is lost to affiliate marketing fraud.

Imagine the plight when the ad spends which was allocated to acquire new users and expand reach is now being cannibalized by nefarious affiliates!

mFilterIt analyzed affiliate installs in the banking sector towards the beginning of the 2nd quarter of this fiscal year. The result brought to light a very pertinent challenge that is plaguing the digital landscape.

Click Spam, Fake Attribution are all instances of Click Fraud, and they contribute to 74% of fraud.


Drained ad budgets

Skewed cost per conversions

Brand reputation damage

Abandonment by successful affiliates

Signs of Click Fraud

  • Unusual peak in number of clicks
  • Clicks beyond targeted location
  • Anomalies in performance data
  • Spike in search cost

How Can You Stop Click Fraud?

  • Invest in the RIGHT Ad Fraud Detection Software
  • Deep dive into the analytics
  • Target only high-value sites

Book a trial with us to safeguard your ad spends that maximize ROI and ensure safety for your ads and brands!


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