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Lead Predictor & Call Center Optimiser by mFilterIt

mFilterIt has launched its Lead Predictor and Call Center Optimiser tool which will help advertisers “predict” the conversion of a lead in real-time!! We will be able to identify which leads are punched-in, fake, bots as the lead is filled up and block them from triggering the call-center itself! Preventing a lead which is fake or punched-in to even reach customer care and hence save costs for the advertiser.

The Background :

When advertisers run lead campaigns, they generally pay on call center validated leads. This is done to safe-guard against fraud, since only when a lead’s contact number is reachable, the lead will be paid for. Unfortunately in this process, while the advertiser has safe-guarded (but only to some level) the payment of fake and dummy leads, the call-center costs would shoot up. Further, the actual frauds which are currently being done in lead campaigns like :

Punched-in leads: leads filled by publishers of genuine users but without the users showing any interest or even being aware of the product or Fake call-center leads: where publishers fill leads with phone numbers belonging to their own call center users, who will accept the calls but will never actually convert for the brand

bypass the normal scrutiny, since the call from the brand’s call-center will always complete, but no end-gain will come out of it. End impact on the advertiser :

1-Lower final conversion ratio 2-Higher Call Center Costs 3-Higher payouts to Publishers for fake leads

How we do it!

mFilterIt Lead Predictor and Call Center optimization tool will detect these cases in real-time , which can be used by advertiser to prevent fraudulent leads from even reaching the CRM and further the call-center. This means :

1-Immediate lead validation 2-Improved focus on actual genuine leads 3-Lower call center costs 4-Higher ROI and Conversion Rates 5-Lower payouts to publishers

And proof point of how good we are? In multiple campaigns, our false-positive rate (leads predicted to be fraudulent end up actually converting for the customer) is less than 0.5%.

All this with almost zero tech efforts, start time of less than 30mins and many more features of our lead platform like :

1-Lead Data Enrichment to enhance the lead information for better ROI of genuine leads. 2-Email Verification to prevent fake/mis-typed email IDs to go into your digital marketing database and result in hard-bounces and IP reputation issues. 3-mTrackIt, our Publisher Management tool, which removes the need for cookies of publishers and eliminates all manual operational activity of on-boarding publishers.

Many large brands have already shifted their lead campaign to our technology. Reach out to us and see how we can improve your ROI on your lead campaigns from Day#1 with Zero Tech efforts and maximum returns.

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