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Avoid cart abandonment issues with mScanIt e-commerce competitive intelligence solutions.

Covid19 has caused a major shift in shopping patterns – over 65% of people now prefer online shopping over a traditional brick-and-mortar store. With this shift in trends and preferences, it has become more important than ever to cater to your customers in a way that will lead to sales in an online environment.

Sadly, brands and retailers are clouded by a plethora of assumptions about how their consumers shop for the products. There’s only a little (negligible) attention paid to the shopping experience, placement, product details, and many other elements which account for sales. This becomes a major concern for brands and retailers who face cart abandonment issues. An average cart abandonment rate for online retailers goes as high as 80%. One can only imagine the potential revenue loss faced by the platforms, sellers, and loss of trust for the brand from the consumers’ perspective. Cart abandonment not only means lower revenue but accounts for increased acquisition costs.

Imagine walking into a physical store. You simply find your way to the product that you require, read the description, hold the package in your hand to understand the look and feel, and finally end up buying the product. Now, with a shift in shopping patterns, it is imperative to replicate the offline experience in an online environment. That’s where the concept of a perfect page analysis comes into the picture. Your product page on the e-commerce site has about 10 seconds to capture the attention of its potential buyer. And that can only happen (also to avoid cart abandonment issues) when you have a perfect page that appeals to the user.

What is a Perfect Page Analysis?

A perfect page analysis helps better the product experience in an online environment that directly helps boost sales, enhance product viewability, and increase product ranking, thus building a strong brand.

Parameters of a Perfect Product Page

The Mscanit eCommerce competitive intelligence tool helps you benchmark your product page on any eCommerce website across various parameters:

1. Perfect product description (number of words)

Long gone are days of lengthy crafty descriptions. Studies indicate that page visitors read about 15-20% of the text on any page. Users simply scan for key information. The tool ranks the product description basis the words, context, and word count.

2.Desired number of product images and videos

It becomes difficult to assess the product quality, size, content written on the product, and many other such information which can otherwise be easily understood in an offline store. mScanIt helps in assessing the desired number of images and videos you need to compensate for the physical feel of the product thus giving the customer better clarity and information about the product.

3. Placement of the content (‘The fold’)

With the proliferation of different shapes and sizes of devices such as laptops, mobiles, desktops, etc, it is important to understand the placement of the texts on your product page. This is because the required product information shouldn’t flow down to the bottom of the page as the user scrolls down. The tool ranks your page in terms of content placement which contributes to the user shopping experience.

4. SEO friendly keywords

Having SEO-friendly keywords is the nervous system of your product page. We can’t emphasize enough the SEO aspect to get that perfect page for your business. The tool ranks your page basis the keywords used in context to the product displayed thus giving a fair idea to where the page stands.

The tool not only ranks the above-mentioned parameters for the product you cater to as a brand but also helps you assess your competitor’s ranking.

All this information when compiled together, helps brands make data-driven decisions to succeed on e-commerce platforms and also aid in cart abandonment problems. Having the perfect page is the DNA of your e-commerce business. Book a trial with us today to get your perfect page analysis done.


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