What’s the Deal with Brand Safety in Advertising?

Brand safety is the process of protecting a brand’s image and reputation from the negative or damaging influence of questionable or inappropriate content when advertising online. It is important to have a deeper understanding of the subject to ensure the business’s success.

For many companies, programmatic media has already become a part of their digital campaigns.

In order to implement this strategy safely and efficiently, brand safety and brand suitability are two of the most commonly used branding concepts.

By using these approaches, companies can stay protected in the digital environment and get the best results.

Many organizations are currently at risk of disappearance if they do not invest in these concepts. Thus, it is necessary to understand what they mean and how they can be effectively used to guarantee the protection of a brand’s name in the online world. In this way, you will be able to avoid the main effects of unwanted online advertising.

The purpose of this article is to explore the importance of brand safety in advertising and the steps to be taken to make it positive.

Assured reputation

In this context, the term safety refers to the reputation of the company and its safety. That is, to avoid being associated with crimes, adult content, fraud, hate speech, division, and fake news, among other controversial factors.

Modern advertising is largely programmatic and brand safety is emerging in this context. Based on segmentation studies, the software decides where to advertise. It is necessary to have protection measures in place to ensure that these systems do not place the brand in inappropriate contexts.

Associated with the concept is the idea of brand suitability, which is referring to what environments a company really belongs in. This means places where prospects go and are associated with a positive image that is valued by prospects.

Since it is so easy to create ads and spread them across the internet, we can understand how brand safety is important as well.

This is a hard-earned process that will directly contribute to the long-term success of your company. Your ads are an extension of your brand, and your users will judge you by what they see.

What is the importance of brand safety in advertising?

Even though advertising is mostly automated, you should protect your brand at all costs by ensuring positive interactions with your customers.

The constant and extreme scrutiny social media offers are like a two-edged sword: mistakes in PR will make you vulnerable, but good advertising will also reach a wider audience. The risk can be mitigated by ensuring brand safety, understanding its strategies and tools, and establishing a detailed implementation plan to protect your reputation.

What are some common issues that could threaten your brand’s safety?

Here are a few brand safety problems that could harm your brand’s reputation. Take note of these while using programmatic advertising:

Poor placement of ads

The placement of your ad will have a significant impact on how people perceive it. If you place your ads on non-reputable websites or platforms, it can reflect badly on your business.

Additionally, if ads appear next to provocative content, a negative association may be created between your brand and the content.

Click-through rates and conversions can also be affected by the poor placement of ads. Customers are less likely to trust a company associated with shady sites or objectionable content.

Fake news

There is a lot of fake news circulating on the internet in the current political climate. It could damage your business’s reputation if your ad is displayed on a website spreading fake news.

The users who see your ad next to fake news may think that your brand is associated with this information. Consequently, sales may suffer.


Advertisements on websites or platforms that promote extremist views can damage your business’s reputation. Users may assume your company shares the same views if your ad appears next to extremist content.

Additionally, placing ads on your site could lead them to believe you’re funding extremist content. Those people will distance themselves from your brand, which means you’ll lose prospects and actual customers.

Ensuring your digital assets are safe at any point in time should be the brand’s responsibility. There are a few reasons for this:

Ensures success in your digital marketing campaigns

Implementing brand safety measures will make your digital marketing campaigns more successful. This is because your ads are more likely to appear in front of consumers who are interested or engaged in your product/service. Protecting your brand will prevent you from spending money on ads that will never be seen by your target audience.

When your digital ad appears alongside offensive content, it will turn potential customers away from your brand. As more people avoid your ad, you’ll see a lower return on investment (ROI) for your digital marketing campaigns.

It helps you reach the right audience

According to a survey, about two-thirds (66%) of all companies, and 71% of companies with revenues greater than $10 billion, cite digital advertising as a primary value.

Programmatic ads that are placed in a secure environment are more likely to engage your target audience. A user will be more likely to see your ad if they aren’t offended by the content surrounding it.

Creates a positive first impression

Your ad is often the first interaction your brand has with potential customers. It’s important to ensure that you’re making a good first impression.

If your ad appears on a website promoting extremism or other vices, it will negatively reflect on your brand. Your ad will likely be remembered for all the wrong reasons and will make users less likely to do business with you in the future.

Making a good first impression in business is key to attracting new customers and retaining them. Remember that potential clients will feel more comfortable doing business with you if your first impression is positive.

Prioritize brand safety in advertising

A digital advertising campaign is a great way to reach potential customers and promote your brand. In order to protect your business’s reputation, you must place your ads in a safe environment. Make sure your brand is safe by avoiding the common brand safety issues.

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