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Addressing the skill gap in the digital ecosystem with the rise in cyber threats.

Brand Safety Officers – The New Career Choice

We’re living in a world of connected technologies. With social distancing norms in place, digital has become the new way of connectedness. From our daily routines to spending habits, social interactions to travel aspirations, digital adoption has become the new normal and will remain in times to come.

The shift towards digital has also caused a significant disruption in how brands approach their customers. The 24X7 online culture has given rise to the fact that more and more people are looking for products and services online, thus showing the scope of growth for businesses.

Brands are now increasing advertising budgets to reach more and more customers. The onus now lies with the brands and CXOs and the marketers and brand custodians to implement strategies to leverage the opportunity to increase sales and brand visibility effectively.

However, the 24*7 online culture has also increased the online threat landscape. Long gone are days where marketers had to justify the ad budgets based on the impression, reach level data, sales conversion, etc.

In present times, they’re marred with more complex challenges like brand infringement issues (fake websites, counterfeit products, fake customer care numbers), ad-fraud issues (bot traffic, fake installs, geo-location fraud), and brand safety issues. These issues have brought a significant skill gap in the digital ecosystem – understanding brand safety components in marketing and advertising.

The traditional capproach talks about impressions and reaches data across the marketing funnel. Covid19 has disrupted this conventional approach by citing challenges of advertising environment and brand safety components.

  • Is your content placed in a brand-unsafe environment like adult content fake news?
  • Are you validating impressions and reach level data- fake users, bot traffic, fake installs?
  • What checks and balances do you consider as a marketer concerning brand safety?

Brand Safety and infringement directly affect the ROI of brands. One negative news about the brand now hurts the goodwill, revenue, and brand experience. Building trust and relationships with your customers is paramount in times like these.

Marketers need to adapt themselves with skills that look at the entire gamut of marketing in its true sense, which captures brand safety, addresses ad-fraud, thus utilizes the ad budget efficiently. This new breed of marketers can aptly be called Brand Safety officers.

Banking upon trust and addressing the changing role of marketers, mFiltrerIt takes pride in re-launching its Ad-fraud and Brand Safety certification program, which adds value and confidence to the digital ecosystem. The program has been designed in a multi-tier structure that will empower professionals across the hierarchy with the requisite skills and knowledge.

Adding trust to digital is the future forward for marketers. It’s about a time when marketers and brands should consider where the ads appear and think about the ad’s surrounding environment. When the customers can differentiate between safe and unsafe settings, why shouldn’t marketers and brands address the same?

A meaningful and substantial experience is what your customers require. Today’s marketers should deliver to the customer experience keeping brand safety in mind and equipping themselves with the skills that will add value to the organization marketers work for and better their career progression.

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