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Make most out of your ad spend

Among a plethora of challenges faced by a brand and a marketer, ad fraud makes it to the top of the battle list. This battle is real- the bots eating up the digital ad impressions and burning a hole in the effectiveness of ad spending. What’s the outcome?

The advertising has no effect on your business and money spent on ads goes down the drain (well, to the bots).

Studies indicate that 25% (maybe more) of ad clicks are fraudulent clicks which means that brands and marketers pay the fraudsters one out of every four times when an ad has been clicked. Not really the most effective way to spend money on advertising, right? So where and how does an ad fraud solution help your business?

In the BFSI sector, the number of transactions and requests that have to be looked at and analyzed are in millions. It’s no surprise that the marketing departments of the brands in the BFSI sector are becoming a hide-out for fraudsters cashing out the ad budgets. With high incentives and minimal chances of being caught, these fraudsters are feasting off the spending while the businesses deal with the loss.

Here we list the top 3 cost benefits of using an Ad Fraud Solution to make the most out of your ad spend.

1. Ad Spend Optimization

Although it’s been a subject of debate regarding the total cost of ad fraud‘s impact on business. (Debate whether if it’s higher than the stated value, imagine the plight!) According to studies, the bucks are set at a whopping loss of $87 billion by 2022.

Now imagine betting against the odds of losing 25% of the ad revenue to fraudsters and scammers.

An ad fraud detection solution helps in reclaiming a business’s lost spending thus giving a better and more accurate clarity on obtaining lucrative results on the campaign by pinpointing lagging indicators, diagnostic metrics, and identifying leading indicators of a campaign, among others. The tools cut through external noises and help a marketer to have a focused viewpoint rather than giving a myopic view.

2. Improving Your Metrics

The digital age is running on data as its fuel. From big to small businesses, big data and analytics are leveraged to provide a solution and improve performances.

An ad fraud solution helps in reducing fraud by providing the marketer with clean data to determine and help formulate strategies and solutions for online ad campaigns. These clean and clear data sets will provide a pathway to optimize the campaigns and give insights into what’s working and what’s not. Thus, aiding in intelligent-data-driven decisions (and possibly convincing C-suite leaders to double up on ad spends).

3. Increased Budgets, Growth, and Revenue Acceleration

Optimizing the ad spend by protecting against fraudulent activities (bad clicks, fake installs, fake impressions, etc), ad fraud detection solutions help campaigns generate favorable results by rightfully spending the budget. This means that the 25% of the money which was flowing into accounts of unscrupulous actors are now prevented and utilized to fulfill the objective of the ad campaign. And with the right data churned by such tools, a bigger budget can then be defined to undertake big campaigns.

Adding it all, ad fraud solutions thus drive ROI in campaigns, increase demand, awareness which ultimately helps in accelerating the company’s growth. With such tools, expansion is all that matters: in metrics, conversion, revenue, and growth. Moreover, the money doesn’t go to the fraudsters, a win-win scenario!

Ad fraud is a problem that is only expected to grow and get worse over time. It has now become more important than ever to invest in the right ad fraud solution tools to safeguard your marketing spending.

Request a trial with mFilterIt to see how ad fraud is affecting your business and how can you tackle it and spend your ad budget effectively.


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