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There are four ways mFilterIt can collaborate with advertisers to deliver the best experience to their respective audiences through digital advertising during Ramadan.

Ramadan is the month of introspection, altruism, celebration, and camaraderie. This period calls for spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and compassion for others.

Like real life, in the digital world, we are challenged with the good and bad, and as marketers, we attempt to sail through to deliver the best for our audiences. Brands need to observe a similar discipline and therefore must come across as respectful and thoughtful.

mFilterIt can be your trusted partner throughout the digital advertising journey and ensure that you deliver a pure experience with the right intent and integrity. Here are the ways mFilterIt can help you go through the digital journey.

a) Acquisition of Users:  This Ramadan will leverage digital like never before. In 2020, it was a contingency approach. But this year, marketeers, even in the ‘Essentials’ category, have a thought-through process of leveraging digital platforms to deliver the best to the customers and audiences.

Whether acquiring new users for an app or getting genuine non BOT traffic to web resources, mFilterIt can help brands achieve the best engagement by connecting with real humans who want the service, thus optimizing the return on acquisition spending. Typically, 1 of every 3 users acquired is not genuine due to challenges like BOT traffic, etc.

b) Ads with Integrity and Safety: A mature brand is always conscious of the experience it creates. During Ramadan, brands become extra cautious and do not want to get associated with something that doesn’t go with the core thought of Ramadan. For instance, certain brands may not desire to show cooked food before Iftaar in ads. Also, marketers will go the extra mile to protect their brand image from getting associated with obscene and explicit content.

The bars of safeguarding brands are raised very high during Ramadan, and mFilterIt helps advertisers create a safe and pure view of the brands within which they can engage with the audiences over digital platforms. The brand safety suite of mFilterIt scans ads to do high-quality content analysis and flag off any placement, relevancy, or messaging issues contrary to the brand’s reputation.

c) Honouring the Promotions and Offers: Ramadan is also a month when people spend a lot. This is in the spirit of giving the family the best food and other essentials and buying for the needy. To complement this, brands roll out special offers and promotions. This situation is also exploited by rogues in the system. They exhibit unbelievable offers to allure genuine buyers for cheating or taking credit (attribution) for organic engagement.

Even if a buyer doesn’t lose money in all such situations, it does not portray the brand in a good light. This is not the image that the brand wants to be associated with. mFilterIt’s incent tracking solution helps brands stay alert about the offers and promotions being rolled out in its name. It can proactively safeguard consumers’ interests by acting upon the fraudsters and ensuring end-users get genuine promotions.

d) Creating a Ramadan View of the e-Store: Like the product placements and shelf management in the brick-mortar stores, the digital stores also need to change during Ramadan. The shelf display needs to be optimally organized for a richer experience for users visiting online marketplaces on apps and web portals to buy products that are sought after during Ramadan.

Leveraging mScanIt (Powered by mFilterIt) share of shelf and other powerful insights, a marketer can decide the optimal strategy for an online marketplace and create a competitively richer experience for visitors to buy the right products and leverage the maximum from the promotions that are being rolled out for them.

With the array of services offered by mFilterIt, marketers can optimize every segment to create a synergy that gives a richer, wholesome, and value-driven experience to the audiences for engaging and buying online.

So, what are you waiting for? Connect with mFilterIt to make the digital experience for your customers driven by the genesis and value systems that guide us during Ramadan.


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