Click Integrity Monitoring- A Shield Against Click Fraud

Every click and impression counts!

The dynamic landscape of digital advertising requires advertisers to maintain the integrity of ad campaigns. It might seem an uphill battle to optimize performance and safeguard the ad spend but proactive monitoring and fortifying their ad campaigns can protect them from menace like click fraud and spamming threats.

The burning question here is – are these efforts enough?

Do they protect against ever-evolving sophisticated threats? Is it building trust and transparency along with preventing wastage of ad spending?

Let’s explore!

Click Integrity Monitoring to Reducing Spamming and Click Fraud

Consider the scenario – You’re running a digital ad campaign targeting users in India. But, you notice a surge in clicks that seem too good to be true.

If you have an efficient click validation mechanism in place, you will uncover the sinister truth – click spamming is at play.

Imagine the horror – if you don’t have such capability! The deceptive practice of generating invalid clicks on ads with malicious intent and you were making payout for these invalid clicks and impressions.

click integrity

Fig. 01: Checks via Click Integrity

Click fraud poses a significant threat to advertisers worldwide from India to Southeast Asia (SEA) and the United States, no corner of the digital landscape is immune to this menace.

Advertisers need to fortify their defenses and prevent the wastage of advertising budget. An active ad fraud detection that monitors clicks and impression integrity enables you to mitigate fraudulent clicks, safeguarding your brand’s reputation and preserving your ad budget.

Building Trust Through Transparency to Prevent Click Fraud

Trust is the currency that fuels success. Advertisers seek transparency and accountability from their partners. The goal is clear – They need optimal results from their advertising efforts and enhanced ROI on ad spend.

Consider a scenario –  you’re a brand operating in the competitive landscape of the United States, where click fraud and spamming tactics run rampant. Your ad campaign is gaining traction, but you suspect foul play behind the scenes as invalid clicks are ruining your ad campaign performance metrics. Monitoring your click integrity empowers advertisers to thrive in such scenarios.

Brands need a multi-level, defense mechanism across the funnel to meticulously track and validate ad impressions and clicks.

Case Study: Major EdTech Player in India Analysis period in February 2023 started running a performance campaign to acquire new customers monitored by mFilterIt ad traffic validation solution. They were able to identify fake clicks and safeguarded their budget from heavy payouts.

click fraud

Fig. 02: Fraud detection and analysis with click & impression integrity for an EdTech player.

The brand saved a massive amount of ad spend over 3 Months.

For this EdTech company, the major issue was Fake Attribution (52.45%), The affiliates attributed installs by generating fake clicks after the user installed the app. The install was organic but due to the fake click, the install was attributed to the affiliate so that the affiliate could gain monetary benefits from the brand.

Cases like these illustrate that the problem is beyond click spamming. Fake or invalid clicks are one part of the fraudulent activities that adversely impact the efficiency of ad campaigns.

To fortify their ad campaign performance, they must optimize every aspect across the funnel with multi-level defense.

ad fraud

Fig. 03: Impact of Click Fraud

The Way Forward

Monitor Your Click Integrity for a Brighter Future!

Maintaining click integrity is non-negotiable. It’s the cornerstone of trust and transparency in the digital advertising ecosystem.

What’s the moral of the story?

So, dear advertisers, safeguard your brand’s reputation, optimize campaign performance and combat click fraud to reduce spamming. Start a new era of trust and build transparency in the digital ecosystem.
Don’t waste your precious resources. Instead, focus your efforts on maximizing the impact while ensuring click integrity to steer your ad campaign strategically.

Get in Touch to learn more about Click Fraud detection and prevention.  


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