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Optimize Your Ad Campaigns Better with us

A globally trusted ad traffic validation suite to eliminate invalid traffic in real-time and 10x your growth.

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How You Can Protect Your App with Us

Protect Entire Sales Funnel
Ensure every stage of your sales funnel is protected from ever-evolving threats and advanced bots.

Interact With Real Customers
Evaluate and understand your audience based on a detailed behavioural and device check reports.​

Optimize Campaigns Better
Take better business decisions with a transparent report of the detected invalid traffic sources.

Get Transparency Across Platforms   
Advertise with confidence by gaining an insight of the invalid sources across various platforms.

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Our Techniques to Detect Invalid Traffic


1. Device

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2. IP/Geo Validation

Device Reputation

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Bot Behaviour

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Bikash J. 
Deputy Manager, Marketing

Getting a domain and time level split of fraud traffic gives a great understanding of various publishers. Can take the same learning to replan all your campaigns and can time it. The core benefits of getting the details of fraud traffic, including no-mouse movement, Repeat IT, Cookies comprise etc have been an eye-opener for us and restrategized on our display planning. Helped in optimized remarketing campaigns.


Quick and fast reports for immediate redressal of issues are other benefits. The team is also very supportive.

Hamad M.
Chief Marketing Officer

Within the performance marketing eco-system fighting fraud is becoming an important task for marketers. If unchecked, ad fraud can cost brands heavily however one needs a reliable technology partner with complete awareness and experience in performance marketing to be able to fight digital fraud effectively. We started working with MFilterIt and almost instantly saw value in subscribing to the service as it helped us challenge and optimize traffic sources, weed out underperforming partners and scale with confidence leading to marketing budget optimization. Throughout this process, I found the mFilterIt team led by Debsena very knowledgeable, collaborative and extremely effective.

Words By Our Clients


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Subcribe Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of app fraud techniques does mFilterIt detect?

Our ad traffic validation suite detects and protects from every common app fraud technique like install hijacking, device farms, and bots. It also protects from sophisticated techniques like SDK spooking and event spoofing.

How does mFilterIt protect against ever-evolving bots?

Once we detect a new bot on a campaign, we blacklist them across all campaigns to ensure it doesn’t impact further. This helps us to detect emerging bots in real-time and act against them.

I use an MMP to detect fraud. Does it impact my ad campaigns?

Yes. MMPs fraud checks are limited to certain parameters. Whereas our solution helps to detect invalid traffic at the deeper level based on behavioural and device checks.  

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