The Real Impact of Brand Infringement

Every brand in the digital ecosystem is in the rat race to expand its presence, build brand reputation, and gain customer trust. But to excel in this race brands need to make sure they safeguard their efforts from threats like Brand infringement.

The major brand challenge is identifying infringement cases and building an automated takedown, reporting, or blacklisting mechanism to protect their brand reputation and maintain brand integrity. Fake Apps, Websites, Social Media Handles, Customer Care, Job Posts, or any fake Brand Communications must be identified to protect brand image along with the detection of counterfeit products and sellers.

Let’s dig deeper to unveil what it takes to detect brand infringement cases and mitigate the risk and adverse impact of brand infringement.

Why do brands need Brand Safety monitoring and Infringement Protection?

Brands in the digital ecosystem need to protect brand reputation by safeguarding their assets from high-risk digital content for both apps and the web. This includes

  • Unsafe & Non-Contextual Media Placement
  • Relevancy of Media Campaigns
  • Web Brand Safety
  • Keyword Bidding Fraud
  • Coupon & Incent fraud

Another key aspect for brands in e-commerce business on online marketplaces is needed to safeguard from brand abuse by identifying and eliminating digital infringements and counterfeits. This includes

  • Identifying and blacklisting fake sites and social media handles
  • Listing of Fake Customer Care Contact numbers
  • Malicious and fraudulent Brand Communication Monitoring
  • APK Copycat Apps
  • Protection from Account Overs – credential sharing

With solutions utilizing the open-source intelligence brands can protect their reputation, build customer trust, and prevent revenue losses. The risk assessment across the brand’s digital activity helps protect the brand from brand infringement threats.

Case Study – How a leading construction and real-estate brand identified and prevented brand infringement cases.

The brand prevented Intellectual Property Infringement – Any violation or breach of protected intellectual property rights in logo/design infringement and domain infringement or Cybersquatting.

With mFilterIt, they conducted scans for similar URLs, Pages, and Websites about similar keywords, content, or visuals in the global web horizon. The solution flagged off any fraudulent activity to the advertiser to take corrective action. Brand acted on the shared data with corrective action.

  • Fake Websites impersonating the construction company and using the brand names of Prestige Constructions in the domain name were identified.
  • Fake social media handles impersonating Construction firms are identified on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Unauthorized Facebook Ads using construction firm Logo/IP detected

For Another multinational food manufacturing company job promotions propagated on social media platforms to mislead or defraud job seekers were detected.

How to mitigate the risk of brand infringement

The brand must monitor the use of its intellectual property in the digital ecosystem. A comprehensive detection and prevention mechanism in place can enable brands to protect themselves from infringement across apps, web, social media, e-commerce, and other media platforms.

  • Brands must implement robust monitoring systems that monitor unauthorized use of brand assets, or any counterfeit product sold online.
  • Proactive measures to protect intellectual property rights with prompt takedown action.
  • A mechanism to detect and measure the risk associated with brand infringement
  • Identify any guidelines or pricing violations by authorized sellers/distributors or retailers.
  • Enable best practices to combat brand infringements effectively.
  • Be adaptive and vigilant against the sophisticated and evolving threats to brand integrity in the digital ecosystem.
  • Stay informed on emerging trends and technologies for brand protection

Final Thought

To safeguard your brand from infringement, you must be aware of the far-reaching impact it can have on your brand reputation and revenue. Loss of Revenue, brand reputation damage, customer trust erosion, regulatory compliance risks, and long-term business impact can be prevented with a proactive approach and brand infringement protection solutions.

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