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Solutions for Public Sector & Government Organizations

Our ad traffic validation suite is a safeguard solution for public sector bodies including citizen service platforms, education sector and government portals. The tool helps to detect and eliminate automated invalid traffic and protects public sector platforms from emerging threats.



Weed Out
Invalid Traffic

Novel attackers use various advanced techniques to mimic human behaviour for accessing websites and apps and bypass conventional security measures. We help to detect and eliminate invalid traffic sources coming from sophisticated bots and fake devices that impact the privacy of the data and website performance.  


Brand Image

The brand’s image is under constant threat due to swindlers always looking for a scope to impersonate brand assets and defraud the brand. With the help of open-source intelligence, we detect infringed assets of public sector organizations across the internet to enable brands to take action.


How We Safeguard Government Organizations

We ensure that education, healthcare and the other PSU sector are protected from emerging threats due to bots.

Full-Funnel Coverage

We do a full-funnel analysis to ensure that every stage of your campaign is protected.

Uncompromised Data

We provide a detailed analysis of the invalid traffic sources to help you take better business decisions

Machine-learning Based Algorithms

We use the capabilities of AI & ML to accurately track repeat users and fake devices.

Deeper Checks Across Devices

We track the characteristics of each device to check the device’s authenticity.   

Data-Pattern Validation

We analyse data patterns of various events in an ad campaign to detect behavioural anomalies

Real-Time Invalid Traffic Detection

We detect install/events from blacklisted IPs, Bots, and compromised devices in real time.

Shield Against Bot Traffic  

mFilterIt helps government organizations to detect and prevent sophisticated bots at the early stages to curb their impact. Our traffic validation experts can help you understand how we can help your government organization differentiate between a BOT and a Human.

Resources for the Public Sector

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