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Hit a 6 This Festive Season with the Right E-commerce Intelligence

eCommerce has indeed gained momentum during the unprecedented Covid19 pandemic. The gain can be seen across all product categories and sectors alike. This has paved way for new players to enter the market, thus democratizing the retail marketplace for good. Last year, brands and retailers were navigating and pivoting to digital commerce and now, with the upcoming festive season, it is important to deliver to customers holistic shopping experiences and to remain relevant in today’s digitally competitive space. The amazing side to this story is that we, at mFilterIt have got you covered to make the best out of your eCommerce business in this upcoming festive season. Our 6-pillar approach will capture all the eCommerce intelligence dynamics and ensure you hit the bull’s eye! Discoverability Can your consumers find your products easily? Unless a customer can’t find you, you’re not doing something right. To be able to make sure that your brand comes to light within the first two pages of the search and understand why your competitors make it to the search, our tools give an insight into such key aspects. The tool also gives an analysis of the discount offers run by your competitors which will further help your brand develop strategies to how better offers can be made to attract more customers this festive season. Visibility Are your products being promoted? Running a successful business on an eCommerce platform and getting potential customers to buy is only half the battle. Giving them what they need at the right time with the right search is what makes a customer hooked on you. Our tool gives your business an edge by providing the right kind of visibility and also analyses the banner ad placement, competitor’s communication tactics, flash sales, and much more to help you strategize business decisions to make the most of your com sales. Availability Are your products in stock? Imagine a prospect buyer abandoning your page and heading on to your competitor’s page only the wanted product was out of stock! Such a loss! Our tool ensures that you not only get an overall stock availability but also gives a deep dive by providing availability of stock seller-wise, zip code-wise. Don’t let stock unavailability be the reason to lose out on customers this festive season. Search Analytics Is the SEO/SEM search working for you? Is your business the one that appears when a customer searches for a product you cater to? Or is your competitor outbidding you? We help you by not only giving an insight into what are the keywords doing good or bad for your business but also analyzing the ad content copy to ensure that your business does not incur wasteful ad expenditure. Performance How is the customer evaluating you? An important parameter for any business is to understand what are their customers talking about them and how well can they improve as per their customer’s liking. Our tool is adept at analysing all the ratings and reviews basis sentiment and revenue which will help you improve your product’s performance and live up to your customer’s demand. Brand Safety Are safety norms being followed? Given the festive season, it becomes a great opportunity for fraudsters to compromise on your brand’s safety by selling counterfeit products that hurt your brand reputation. Not only this, there are unauthorized sellers on e-commerce marketplaces who deal in your products which has become a major brand safety concern. Speak with us to get your free trial today!

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Welcome to The World of Social Commerce

Has your brand joined the digital commerce revolution yet? No? You definitely should. Doesn’t matter how big or small a brand you are. Social Commerce is here to stay and grow at a rapid pace. New customers love making a purchase then and there. Impulse purchase drives a major chunk of social media sales. Typically, people google it or search for the item they seek on an online shopping platform. Once they discover what they want, they analyze the product and make a purchase. But social media empower them and triggers them to make a purchase instantly. Social Commerce in India The social commerce sector is rising high on the wave of new shoppers from tier 2 and tier 3 regions. Influencer-led commerce and recommendation-based or suggestion-based purchases are on the rise in smaller towns, and several large players in the space have scaled up quite rapidly in social commerce space such as Meesho. According to a report, the social commerce industry is expected to grow steadily, recording a CAGR of 62.4% during 2022-2028. India’s social commerce GMV will rise up to US$ 143,583.3 million by 2028 from US$ 8,258.8 million in 2022 There is a lot of traction in the apparel, and beauty & personal care space. Apart from that, another category that is receiving some traction is electronics. The change is in the air. Brands have now started tying up with influencers directly to promote their products. Gen Z and the millennial population who follows these influencers and brands on social media platforms are likely to contribute the most to the growth of the sector. The ecommerce market in India is poised to grow at a high speed due to the high adoption of social media platforms, and extensive smartphone penetration across the country. What Makes Social Commerce So Effective? Social commerce is a relatively new concept but has grown exponentially post-pandemic. A combination of social media and e-commerce uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to sell products and services directly to consumers. So, what makes social commerce so effective: Purchase become part of social media experience – Social commerce empowers customers and enables them to make a purchase as part of the social media experience. It lures them in during micro-moments motivating them to make a purchase. Target customers via their social media activity – Traditional digital commerce drives conversion via e-commerce advertising or search engine optimization (SEO) and optimization of customer journey while Social Commerce drives conversions via interactions, influencers, or sponsored content targeting potential customers based on their social media activity. Doesn’t depend on traffic from searches – Social commerce across social media platforms is more effective as it’s not dependent on traffic coming from searches instead consumers are already engaged on the platform. The information known about the users is used for an algorithm to promote personalized suggestions. It makes it easier for the products or brands to feature directly on social feeds. Ease of Making Purchase – Traditionally retailers share their products or services directly on their social media pages. They can use high-quality images or videos to showcase products and provide product details such as pricing and shipping information. But it needs users to move out of social media platforms and switch to online retail platforms and make a purchase. Things have become easier now as it takes users directly to the payment page. Users can make purchases directly from the social media platform, often using secure payment systems. Some social media platforms also offer their own payment processing services. User-generated content and social sharing – Social commerce relies heavily on user-generated content and social sharing. Retailers can encourage their followers to share their products on their own social media pages, which can help to increase brand awareness and drive more sales. Monitor and analyse performance – Brands can regularly monitor social commerce platforms to analyze performance, measure sales, and track user engagement vis-à-vis competition. This data can be used to optimize Social Commerce performance via ecommerce intelligence and will help formulate strategies and improve results. Overall, social commerce is a way for businesses to leverage the power of social media to reach a wider audience and drive sales. By creating engaging content, building a following, and making it easy for users to purchase products directly from social media, businesses can tap into a new revenue stream and increase their online presence. What’s Trending In The Social Commerce Segment Small businesses are thriving: According to Harris Poll for Sprout Social survey, 70% of small businesses now are getting more visibility on social media and ensuring their presence on at least one social media platform. Many of their Small eCommerce businesses directly sell their products to consumers on social media. It’s all about convenience: Making a purchase while scrolling through social media posts is trending. The ease of shopping and convenience of making a purchase is attracting more and more users. Products from their favorite brands and retailers can now be bought without ever leaving the platform. This makes the process quick and seamless. Personalized and targeted advertising, on social media, help consumers discover products relevant to them and suit their interests & needs. Rise of mobile commerce: In the omni-channel retail ecosystem, businesses are focused on optimizing the customer journey and product performance across shopping platforms. Using tools to optimize not just on the eCommerce marketplace but also on their websites and social media for mobile. The high penetration of smartphones among widely distributed Indian demographics has led to a rise in mobile commerce. This pushes the popularity of social media as a shopping destination further with easier shopping on the go. Influencer marketing on a rise: People Trust the words of the people they follow. Influencers or personalities with a large following on social media are now not just promoting brands on social media but also selling their product on social media to a highly targeted audience. Many consumers view influencers as trusted sources of information and are more likely to

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The heart of the matter: Strategies to increase Valentine’s day sales!

Wait Wait…. It’s not just another article on sale week and it’s not about flowers and teddys. So, what’s different about it? Here we are to give brands a peak into what they can do to make some serious sales on Valentine’s Day. It’s not just an occasion for chocolates and gifting brands to acquire new customers. It’s time for brands across industries to connect with the young generation. Let’s drown in the ocean of customer sentiments to find pearls to shine sales. Valentine’s Day Beyond Chocolates and Teddies No offense to the gifting eCom industry – It is indeed their time to peak sales, but we are here to look at how other products flourish during Valentine’s week. Spending close to Valentine’s Day bumps up as the week brings in new customers looking to buy beyond gift items, but the gift items are not just limited to chocolates and common gift items. On the world’s largest e-marketplace, Amazon bands are pushing to connect with the young generation. A connection that will benefit them in the long run establishing a brand for the youth. Offers like “sound of love” on Amazon featuring brands like JBL, Bose, etc. are what attract new customers who are not just looking for roses. Brands need to up their game in product categories that are more searched on this day but also push products that connect with the demographics. The day has quite a significant and revenue-driving force in all essential sectors. Be Available to Witness The Shower of Love on e-commerce Platforms Time to dress for the occasion with the insignia of Love. The Fashion eCom lit up in the season of love with special combos and clothing to help couples dress up for the occasion. Clothing and accessories flood the eCom market. But brands and sellers on eCom platforms need to boost their product discoverability first to boost sales among the cutthroat competition. Be it Valentine’s Day or any other sale week brands need to be on top of sale trends and competitors’ pricing and discount offers to become the top pick. Brands need to optimize their Product display page content, set banners at the right spot to boost visibility and know the right price to be the top pick. The biggest factor that can help brands boost revenue during Valentine’s week is being able to meet the demand on the day. Brands need to ensure their product availability across the eCommerce platform. Can’t Buy Love But Can Buy For Love You can groove to the Beatles ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ on the V-day but you should buy something for your Love to keep that intact. Americans plan to do exactly that as does the rest of the world. According to a report on Valentine’s Day 2023, the United States is all set to spend $25.9 billion. The National Retail Federation survey predicted sales to be around $2 billion higher than the previous year. Things To Do For Brands – Equip Well For V-day Sale and Beyond What can brands do? Simple just ride the sale wave – make your products stand out during this week and beyond. Yes, you read it right ‘beyond’ like love eCommerce game is not just T20 brands need to be an all-format player to edge ahead of your competition. Gear up with the right tools to go the extra mile and score big. Here are some things brands could do on a sale week across e-commerce platforms and even on Social Commerce space Refine your content to boost product visibility Know your customer sentiment Target the right demographics Target Tier 2, and 3 cities to acquire new customers Track competitors across product categories and sub-categories on eCommerce platforms Ensure product availability across geographies on eCommerce platforms Optimize delivery time Ensure sellers do not go overboard and violate the threshold price Brands need to optimize customer experience to acquire new customers and build on by tracking customer feedback. Final Thought – Pluck The Rose But Beware of Thorns Brands need to be careful when to target these sale events. Strategies need to be based on insight and comprehensive competitive analysis to shine through with a boost in revenue. Know your customers and competition to edge ahead. Gear up with mScanIt, an Ecommerce Intelligence to get deep actionable insights across KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Start tracking your competition and your product performance across platforms. The race is heating up to grab shoppers’ attention. Dress to impress and make shoppers fall in love with your products. Get in touch with our experts for deeper insights. Reach out to learn more!

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