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Are you searching for your brand name and brand keywords on Google manually?

Trying to find who is bidding on your keywords or trying to analyze your competitors and affiliates?

Do you also ponder upon how your and your competitor’s ad is placed on the google search engine?

Well, it is fairly common that your competition is using your brand keywords and is taking away a part of your organic traffic. In fact, your affiliates are also using your brand keywords to run your campaigns while charging a heap of money and end up stealing your organic traffic.

But that’s not all, there is much more you could possibly lose, other than organic traffic loss, you’re significantly paying twice as much for acquiring a user and your bidding cost is hitting the sky which is further making your marketing budgets go for a toss.

But, have you wondered why is it that you are paying twice for acquiring a user? You are already bidding on your keyword to acquire a user and when the affiliate uses your keyword to show an ad, the user lands on your website by clicking on an affiliate’s ad with your brand keyword, you are then paying your affiliate again for the same user.

Why is your bidding cost hitting the sky? It’s not just you bidding on your brand keywords, your competitors and affiliates are also sailing in the same boat and bidding on your brand keywords, which in return is making your campaign budgets bleed dollars.

Save yourself time and money – You could simply solve this

Today in the world of ML, AI, and IOT, automation is the solution. You just need a course of action to track your keywords on different search engines and free yourself from the manual & half-cooked information.

Brand Safety solution from mFilterIt has a ‘Search Abuse’ solution through which you can run through the ads of your competitors who are using your brand keywords. You can dive deeper into your competitor strategy by knowing their whereabouts, in terms of locations and time. This information helps you optimize your campaigns.

This solution also gives you campaign insights that are being run by your affiliates, using your brand keywords. You can control your bidding cost by asking your affiliate to not use your keywords. Besides that, you could see the ad copy of the affiliate to have a look if the ad is conveying any misleading information about your brand.

All of this requires no integration which means, the solution runs on its own to give you the information that will help you make better marketing strategies and control your keyword biding cost.

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