Transform Your Sales Pipeline with Effective Lead Optimization

Imagine your sales pipeline, like a bustling highway filled with potential customers moving at high speed.

Here’s the catch – not all vehicles running on the highway are the same.

Some are sleek sports cars ready to race towards conversion, while others are clunky old junk barely chugging along.

The challenge is how do you identify?

Streamline expressway of success with effective lead optimization. Transform your sales pipeline with quality lead visits and validation with lead scoring. When it comes to lead generation, nurturing, and conversion every second counts and every lead needs to be checked for quality.

Optimize your sales efforts by setting your priorities right and working only on quality leads. The competition is fierce to get customer attention, marketing and sales need to optimize their strategies for lead optimization.

Do not waste your time on unqualified or low-quality leads!

Let’s explore how you can achieve maximized efficiency and effectiveness with lead optimization

How to improve Return on Investments (ROI) with Lead optimization

Wasting resources and time on unqualified or low-quality can have a significant impact on your ROI. It eats up valuable time of the sales team leading to increased costs and draining the call center bandwidth. Monitoring the quality of leads with the visit lead validation process enables businesses to prioritize and channel their efforts to drive conversion more effectively.

Lead Validation – Three-Stage Approach

To achieve the best possible result with enriching leads and intent-based lead scoring, a multi-layered approach is needed. A robust lead validation process is essential which requires clean traffic for quality leads, intent-based scoring & validation, and seamless integration.

ad fraud solution

Clean Traffic & Fraud Prevention

To begin with, brands must weed out invalid traffic sources and prevent fraud with invalid visits. The early elimination results in clean traffic and quality leads. Thus, you can focus your efforts on leads from valid sources with genuine potential to convert.

Intent-based Visit Analysis

Once you get the traffic validation done in real time followed by the lead generation process. The next stage is Lead analysis, checking the intent of the visit and the behavior of leads. The level of interest shown by the lead, time spent on the site, page visited, and action taken can help assess the quality of leads generated and the possibility of conversion. This enables brands to prioritize leads and set up strategies.

Lead Scoring and Validation with CRM Integration

Integration and automation of lead entry in CRM for sales to follow up is an important element of lead optimization. Various criteria such as demographic info, past behavior, engagement level, etc. can help identify high-potential leads with the help of AI/ML-based tech.

Case Study Lead Optimization

A major General Insurance Company Limited deployed the mFilterIt Ad fraud solution to attract clean traffic and genuine leads and improve the conversion rate. The core challenges were reducing the high cost of acquisition was high. Despite healthy ad spending, the conversion rate was low, and poor traffic from affiliates. We started with lead validation in June 2023 for Affiliate Lead Disposition Data Evaluation. Here is what we observed from June 2023 to October 2023.

8% Fraud in Valid leads! Not Fraud Leads has a 4% conversion rate compared to 1% for Fraud Leads. This 1% fraud conversion is attributed to Organic Hijacking, Repeat Users & Punched Leads.

Real-time fraud detection and lead validation lead to improvement in lead quality, better conversion rate, and cost per acquisition.

In another case in the BFSI sector – Poor quality of leads from affiliates was the major issue along with prioritizing leads to manage growing call center bandwidth. We started mapping leads to relevant risk scores through Lead IDs.

Among high-quality marked leads – 26% were invalid, medium-quality leads marked with 31% invalid, and among low-quality leads, we identified 98% of leads being invalid. This eye-opener paved the way for better results with mFilterIt. They were able to enhance the quality of leads and prioritize sales calls more efficiently. The Conversion rate of mFilterIt was 7X more with more efficient lead scoring and optimization of leads.

Along with Visit-Lead Validation with mFilterIt, they got the additional capability and got empowered with

  1. Conversion & Sales Data Feedback Loop Mechanism – This allows continuous monitoring and optimization of your lead generation strategies. The real-time data for analysis leads to more conversion and streamlining of sales data. It helps identify trends, gaps, and areas of improvement and leads to data-driven decisions.
  2. Post-back Trigger for Clean Conversions (for Affiliate Partners) – For affiliate marketing campaigns, implementing a post-back trigger mechanism can help ensure clean conversions. It also enables accurate tracking of affiliate-generated leads.

Conclusion – Optimizing Your Lead Generation Strategy

Lead optimization is more important than ever. With a robust lead validation process in place, you can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your lead generation efforts. Focus your resources on high-quality leads with the highest potential for conversion. Drive better results, maximize ROI, and ultimately, accelerate the growth of your business with mFilterIt lead optimization and validation solution.

Get in Touch to learn more about Lead Scoring and Validation.


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